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When Antibiotics Fail

The ground turkey recall by Cargill calls to my attention, once again, the failure of factory farming.

Of course one too has to consider Cargill’s connection with GMO. Perhaps these turkeys are raised not only on antibiotics to push up their weight, but also GMO grain in their feed.

Might it be that GMO poultry feed impairs the immune system, which along with double-dosing antibiotics makes it a double whammy for over crowding in the hen-house?

Mainstream medicine is alarmed because of the concerns that antibiotics don’t seem to work when people become ill.

Once again I’d suggest considering something other than fluoride based Cipro: Might it be effective intravenous vitamin C at high dose levels?

Bacteria don’t seem to build up resistance to vitamins.  Vitamins don’t harm you, and they may save your life.

High dose vitamin C is very useful for food poisoning, and its use is medically substantiated.

NB: In 1993 I developed a protocol against “flesh-eating bacteria”  based on the use of herbs, natural products, and vitamins.  The herbal formula in my protocol has been thoroughly tested at Dana Farber.

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