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Confirmation of Disease Management Philosophy

“I recently had the opportunity to engage with a guy that works in a main hospital in the area of cancer research. He deals specifically in trialling different pharmaceuticals for the different types of cancers. So I happened to ask him how much effort is put into establishing a cure. His answer was very simple. The pharmaceutical companies which are looking to introduce newer medications use these trials for one reason and one reason only, and that is for cancer management through drug therapy! There is a big difference between cure and management I would suggest.”

This is something we have been writing about since the ’80s and we have seen this become more of a problem as each year goes by.  Today disease ‘management’ is as serious a problem as any disease itself.

You may want to read about another list of concerns that comes from mainstream medicine here.

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Exercise and Bone Health

I can’t stress enough how important it is to exercise and help keep your bones  strong and healthy as you age.

Strong Legs Critical to Health

Exercise Helps Prevent Fracture  

More leg strengthening and toning exercises

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Welcome to Simply4Health.

We look forward to your visiting with us to learn what you can do  to successfully work your way through the health care maze and improve your health.

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Great tip for hot weather

We hope you’ll take the time to visit our web site and our other publications.

The focus here is to be able to interact with our visitors and provide sound natural health and health information based on our 50+ years of study and health of natural health care, and the traditional model. 

We’ll post our remedies from time to time.  You may have some too that you’d like to add.

Starting things off is a great tip for hot weather –

Using fresh mint, add a few springs to a large glass jar.

Add 1 cup freshly boiled water and allow to steep.

Then add 3 cups fresh water to the jar and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

You’ll have refreshing mint water to cool your day.

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Welcome to simply4health and our new blog.  Here’s your opportunity to ask questions and get  simple answers about your health.

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