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Amputations from IEDS UP Sharply

Quite a few years ago CHI started its Veteran’s Resource Program.  This project received seed money from a Vietnam vet we helped to obtain his full pension.

You’ll find a great amount of information about the problems facing our veterans, especially those who have been fighting in DU covered war zones.

Beyond the risk to health from vaccines, DU, PTSD, amputation levels are on the rise.

In the 1990s I developed an herbal formula for a client of mine who had an amputation secondary to treatment for lung cancer.  Her immunity had been so compromised by chemo and a hobo spider bite on her lower leg  developed an unrelenting wound.

To address the after amputation phantom pain I designed a blend of herbal extracts and flower essences. 

To her and many other since that time much help has been found, drug free.  Rodale Press later  interviewed her for a book about healing and women’s health: New Choices in Natural Healing for Women.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this herbal blend.

SOURCE: CBS Evening News

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